Will the dyes used in the bath bombs stain?

-No the dyes that are used are water soluble dyes and disperse in water, if the bath bomb is held during the time it dissolves it may temporarily color your hands but it should come off by the end of the bath.


What kind of dyes are used?

-All dyes used in our products are FD&C dyes batch certified by the FDA for specific use in bath bombs. We do not use neons or food coloring as they are not permitted for use in bath bombs or bubble scoops.


Do the bath bombs contain nut oils?

-No nut oils are used in any products to reduce the risk of contamination.


Can your bath bombs cause yeast infections in women and young girls?

-The main cause of this problem and some bath bombs is starch. However no corn starch is used in our bath bombs as they are fillers. The less ingredients the better right?!




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